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Amanda’s story: “Hepatitis B needs to be talked about and normalised. Otherwise, how will the perception of it ever change?”

In the two years since being diagnosed with hepatitis B,  Amanda has gone from wanting to hide …

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Loredana’s story: “Liver disease can sometimes be overwhelming and you go through so many different emotions”

Loredana was shocked at how quickly her liver damage had progressed. Now, post transplant, her thoughts are …

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Monica’s story: “I was unbelievably lucky because my liver disease was picked up so early”

Monica and family

Monica was diagnosed with liver cancer on her 61st birthday and had a liver transplant. Since then …

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Steven’s story: “I’ll never know why I was given the all clear as a baby”


Steven was diagnosed with hepatitis B in 2018. Thank you for sharing your story, Steven. The earlier …

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