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Love Your Liver Events

The map below shows locations for our Love Your Liver public awareness events. We do not currently have any more planned for this year but keep checking back to find out when the next ones will be taking place and/or subscribe to our newsletter.  

At these events you can take our liver health screener, which assesses the potential for liver damage against the three main factors of alcohol, obesity and viral hepatitis.

If the Love Your Liver at-risk screener results show a potential risk of liver damage results show a potential risk of liver damage, then you may be offered a non-invasive liver check with a FibroScan machine. This scan can give an indication of any liver damage and, depending on the result, you may be recommended to visit your GP to discuss further liver tests. If you are concerned in any way about your liver health, please do not wait for a Love Your Liver day, talk to your pharmacist or GP.

Quick, easy and very informative. Professional service raising much needed awareness. Gives peace of mind to find out your liver health.

Attendee from 2019 roadshow visit to Blackburn

Please be aware that these events are run to raise awareness and are not diagnostic. We cannot offer a FibroScan check to people already diagnosed with a liver condition and/or under the care of a healthcare professional, or patients who have received a liver transplant.

We would like to say a big thank you to all the local liver clinicians who support us and without whom we could not run these events.

The Love Your Liver campaign is entirely funded by voluntary donations – we are extremely grateful to all our funders. If you would like to help with a donation or company sponsorship to the campaign, please contact
Love Your Liver Event Map

Love Your Liver Event Map

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