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Clare’s story: “The doctor thought it was all in my mind”


Clare had a very long journey before she was finally diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. She is kindly …

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Heidi’s story: “I feel very lucky to be alive”


Heidi is supporting the Sound the Alarm campaign for earlier diagnosis of liver disease. She shares her …

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Phil’s story: “I wouldn’t have got through it without the British Liver Trust”


Phil was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2020. Here he tells us about his rollercoaster journey and …

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Matt’s story: “It all happened so quickly.”

Matt is supporting the Sound the Alarm campaign for earlier diagnosis of liver disease. He explains why …

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Sheona’s story: “She tried to live life to the full”


Sheona (pictured) died with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis in 2011 aged just 24. Her mother, June, explains why …

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Elsbeth’s story: “Without these groups, I wouldn’t feel as ‘good'”

Elsbeth and dog

Elsbeth is on the liver transplant waiting list and has been diagnosed with a combination of Primary …

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Anna’s story: From transplant patient to clinical researcher


After undergoing a liver transplant herself, Anna built a career in the field of transplantation. She shares …

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My mum could have been diagnosed earlier if there was more awareness of NAFLD

Samantha is supporting the Sound the Alarm campaign to improve diagnosis, access to treatment and specialist care for …

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Danielle’s story: “If I’d had better care right from the start, the liver damage might not have progressed so far”


Danielle, from Glasgow, has auto-immune hepatitis (AIH). She’s supporting our campaign to sound the alarm on liver …

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Eleanor’s story: “I’m thankful for time we didn’t expect to have.”

Fred and Eleanor

Eleanor is supporting the Sound the Alarm campaign to end late diagnosis of liver disease and liver …

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