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Caera’s story: “I overdosed on Paracetamol and had a liver transplant”


Caera was at university when she had acute liver failure from paracetamol poisoning and was put into …

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John’s story: “It was clear to us all that I had a serious problem”


John had several false starts while he was waiting for a liver transplant and ended up staying …

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Eloise’s story: “I gave up and took myself off the transplant list.”


In early 2020, 24-year-old Eloise removed herself from the liver transplant list voluntarily, having given up hope …

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Patricia’s story: “I was very fortunate to have been found a liver from a living donor”

It feels quite poignant to have received such a precious gift from one so young. “In January …

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Ian’s story: “My one regret is that I still have not found the words to say to his family. Thank you just doesn’t cut it.”


“Although I never realised it at the time, I guess my story starts in the autumn of …

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Geraldine’s story: My sister donated part of her liver to me

Twin sisters

I would do it all again for the chance of life and seeing my son and daughter …

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Jaqueline’s story: “It has made me realise that it’s family and good friends that are important above all else”

No life is risk-free, and I have grown to think that we must do as much as …

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Teresa’s story: “There were no symptoms, so I didn’t take heed.”

Alcohol played a big part in Teresa’s social life for many years. She shares her story of …

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Fi and Jonathan’s story


I will always have to live with the ‘worry’ it may come back but for now somehow …

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Alan’s story: Starting TACE therapy


I was feeling more tired than usual but I put that down to the heart attack and …

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