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Rebekah’s story: “It felt like our world was falling apart.”


Wilson’s Disease is a rare genetic condition in which you have a higher than normal amount of …

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Rosie’s story: “I think you can feel more isolated and lonely in a city than we do here on our island.”


Rosie has autoimmune hepatitis and lives on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. She describes her experience …

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Mike’s Story: “My initial health concerns began in earnest nearly 20 years ago…”

I was diagnosed with liver cancer in April 2011 and had a liver transplant the following December. …

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Nicole’s story: “They had 48 hours to find me a liver”


Nicole became severely ill at just 18 years old with seronegative hepatitis. She had a liver transplant …

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Phil’s story: “The liver screener has been invaluable.”

Phil came to a Love Your Liver roadshow in 2019. He explains what it was like taking …

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Trudie’s story: “I have no idea how I caught hepatitis E”


Trudie was diagnosed with hepatitis E in 2018. Thank you for sharing your story, Trudie.  “2018 was …

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Beth’s story: “I needed to know the truth of what I was doing to my liver.”

Beth, who runs a community group in Preston, came to the Love Your Liver roadshow in 2019. …

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Steven’s story: “I’ll never know why I was given the all clear as a baby”


Steven was diagnosed with hepatitis B in 2018. Thank you for sharing your story, Steven. The earlier …

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Deborah’s story: “I’m more determined than ever”


Deborah was diagnosed with liver disease in hospital at 36 years old, just a few weeks after she …

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Jenny’s story: “My daughter has her mummy back”

Jenny and family

Jenny was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis at 29 and went on to have a liver transplant …

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