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David’s story: “I no longer have to worry about the ticking time bomb of hepatitis C.”


David had hepatitis C and has made documentaries for the BBC about addiction (some people may find …

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Martin’s story: “We have the power to choose our outlook on life.”


After he had a liver transplant, Martin slipped back into old habits and started drinking alcohol again. …

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Wendy’s story: “It helped knowing someone else with my condition.”

Wendy has haemochromatosis and felt ill for a long time before she was diagnosed. Thank you for …

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Jit’s story: “I don’t think there is enough awareness of liver disease in South Asian communities.”

When Jit recovered from alcohol dependency, he decided he wanted to do something to raise awareness of …

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Kat’s story: “Life without alcohol is amazing.”

When Kat was diagnosed with cirrhosis she gradually cut down how much alcohol she drank, before stopping …

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Paul’s story: “I never classed myself as an ‘alcoholic’.”

In 2017, Paul’s liver started to fail and he was taken to hospital where he wasn’t expected …

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Steve’s story: “I want to grow old playing a big part in my granddaughter’s life.”

Steve experienced hepatic encephalopathy when his liver started to fail. He’s shared his story of alcohol-related liver …

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Shaun’s story: “I like to give back as much as I can.”

Shaun playing bingo

Shaun had primary sclerosing cholangitis and received a liver transplant from a donor liver that was shared …

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Wendy’s story: “I never ate fruit or vegetables”

Wendy was diagnosed with non-alcohol related fatty liver disease and cirrhosis in 2020. She’s shared her story …

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Siobhan’s story: “Despite my condition, I’m able to lead a normal life.”


Siobhan has a rare form of liver cancer called fibrolamellar cancer. Even though it is very rare, …

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What is a CCG or ICS?

CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) were established as part of the Health and Social Care Act in 2012. They are groups of general practices, which come together in each area to commission the best services for their patients and population.

ICS (Integrated Care Systems) are new partnerships between the organisations that meet health and care needs across an area, to coordinate services and to plan in a way that improves population health and reduces inequalities between different groups. ICS will replace Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) by April 2022 and cover a wider geographic area than CCGs.

Devolved nations – health is primarily a devolved matter across the four nations which make up the UK. Among these variations are differing regional structures, Scotland and Wales have Health Boards, England have CCGs (currently being superseded by Integrated Care Systems) and Northern Ireland has Health and Social Care Trusts.

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