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Hearing from real people can bring to life what having liver disease, being on the transplant waiting list, having a liver transplant or donating the organ of a loved one really means. Thank you to those who choose to share their story to help others.

If you would like to share your story please click here. Your story may be helpful for others.

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Ben’s story

Ben was very special, a determined, mature and passionate young man who just wanted to make a difference …

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Steve’s Story

My biggest regret is not taking the wake up call I had when I first saw my …

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Gordon’s Story

People think I am younger than I am, so I show them the photo of me before …

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Kamil’s story

Living with a progressive autoimmune liver disease is overwhelming. The fact that is not your fault and …

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Stephen’s Story

The consultant hepatologist said the only solution was a transplant and was extremely hopeful this could be …

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Damian’s Story

My message for all those waiting for a liver is to never  give up! You never know …

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Gareth’s story

Following the darkest of times and despite everything I remain focussed on the light I see at …

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Elaine’s story

It’s been a long haul but am getting there. I think that the hardest part is even …

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Mitchell’s Story

I was diagnosed with Hepatic Liver and spent some time in Intensive care with low potassium.  I’m …

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Jayne’s Story

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