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Nicole’s story: “They had 48 hours to find me a liver”


Nicole became severely ill at just 18 years old with seronegative hepatitis. She had a liver transplant …

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Jenny’s story: “My daughter has her mummy back”

Jenny and family

Jenny was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis at 29 and went on to have a liver transplant …

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Elsbeth’s story: “Without these groups, I wouldn’t feel as ‘good'”

Elsbeth and dog

Elsbeth is on the liver transplant waiting list and has been diagnosed with a combination of Primary …

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Anna’s story: From transplant patient to clinical researcher


After undergoing a liver transplant herself, Anna built a career in the field of transplantation. She shares …

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Craig’s story: “It’s hard to compare the recovery process when you live alone to having a partner there for you”

Craig had a liver transplant after being diagnosed with alcohol-related liver disease. He shares his thoughts about …

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Sharan’s story: “Dad’s passing has left a huge void in our family”

Sharan’s father (pictured) was diagnosed with non-alcohol related fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in 2004. Since his death, …

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John’s story: “My life before and after transplant is like night and day.”

John didn’t realise he had a liver condition until he was taken to hospital after a hypoglycaemic …

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Caera’s story: “I overdosed on Paracetamol and had a liver transplant”


Caera was at university when she had acute liver failure from paracetamol poisoning and was put into …

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Eloise’s story: “I gave up and took myself off the transplant list.”


In early 2020, 24-year-old Eloise removed herself from the liver transplant list voluntarily, having given up hope …

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Patricia’s story: “I was very fortunate to have been found a liver from a living donor”

It feels quite poignant to have received such a precious gift from one so young. “In January …

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