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Hearing from real people can bring to life what having liver disease, being on the transplant waiting list, having a liver transplant or donating the organ of a loved one really means. Thank you to those who choose to share their story to help others.

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Ben’s story

  We had discussed organ donation many times over the years, particularly more recently as the Opt …

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Damian’s Story

My message for all those waiting for a liver is to never  give up! You never know …

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Elaine’s story

It’s been a long haul but am getting there. I think that the hardest part is even …

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Diana’s Story

I will always be in awe of my hero, my donor. She gave me the chance of …

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Hilary’s Story

What I’ve learned from my experience is that no-one knows your body better than you.  If things …

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Patrick’s story

Liver Cancer

Fear and uncertainty can be immobilizing but somehow you have to get on with life, work and …

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Richard’s story

My donor didn’t just save my life, but hopefully through me, we’ll go on to save others …

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Day and Jared’s story

Day and Jared’s dad was given a blood transfusion that hadn’t been properly tested and he contracted …

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Walter Trout

Following a liver transplant, and extensive rehabilitation, the esteemed Bluesman feels strong enough to resume his career …

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Gordon Brown’s Story

In January 2011 I went to the doctors with a chest infection whilst chatting to her I …

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