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Sheryl’s story: “Alcohol sneaks up on you. I thought ‘I can beat this, I can stop’ and it shocked me that I couldn’t”

Although she’s worked in entertainment all her life, Sheryl was always quite shy so would have a …

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Chris and Sam’s story: “We weren’t told about encephalopathy at all”

When Chris was diagnosed with non alcohol cirrhosis of the liver neither he or partner Sam were …

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Jamia’s story: “There should be more information about NAFLD because people don’t realise how serious it is until it’s too late”

I’d heard of fatty liver disease before my husband was diagnosed, but didn’t realise how serious it …

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Georgina’s story: “Thanks to the help and guidance from the British Liver Trust my son copes better, because he has a better knowledge of what is happening and why.”

Georgina’s son Steve developed hepatic encephalopathy (HE), due to chronic liver disease. HE refers to changes in …

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Steve’s story: “I want to grow old playing a big part in my granddaughter’s life.”

Steve experienced hepatic encephalopathy when his liver started to fail. He’s shared his story of alcohol-related liver …

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