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Sheryl’s story: “Alcohol sneaks up on you. I thought ‘I can beat this, I can stop’ and it shocked me that I couldn’t”

Although she’s worked in entertainment all her life, Sheryl was always quite shy so would have a …

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Emma’s story: “The doctor was only willing to spend NHS money on trying to save me – and there was a high chance he wouldn’t be able to – if I promised to never drink again”

Alcohol was an integral part of Emma’s social life, but she never considered herself an addict. When …

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Sophie’s story: “I had cirrhosis and didn’t know what it meant, how or why it had happened or if I was going to die”

Having been healthy all her life, Sophie was terrified and confused when she suddenly began to experience …

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Lucy’s story: “Without my GP making sure my Autoimmune Hepatitis diagnosis was found at the age of 19 I may not have made it this far”

Lucy feels very strongly about early diagnosis of liver disease and being persistent even when she was …

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Beth’s Story

I wish I had known and asked more questions when I first found out.  I haven’t found …

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Jimmy’s story: “No reason for my cirrhosis has ever been diagnosed”


Jimmy (pictured on the right) was diagnosed with cirrhosis in 2015 but no cause was found. Thank …

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Leanne’s story: “Dad was not his usual self”

Leanne’s father (pictured) died with cirrhosis of the liver when he was in hospital and it was …

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Deborah’s story: “I’m more determined than ever”


Deborah was diagnosed with liver disease in hospital at 36 years old, just a few weeks after she …

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Jayne’s Story


If you’re on long term medication, don’t settle for blood results, insist on an ultrasound scan, just …

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Jim’s story

I have to say that in my opinion, any definition of alcoholism that I have come across …

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