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Beth and Katie’s story: “I’m struggling to come to terms with how quickly I deteriorated and that, technically, I lost ten days of my life’

When Beth began to experience extreme fatigue, her fiancee Katie pushed for treatment and asked constant questions …

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Louise’s story: “I was bleeding internally and had burst varices. I needed to get to hospital ASAP”

When Louise started getting dizzy spells, she struggled to convince her GP of the need for a …

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Sophie’s story: “I had cirrhosis and didn’t know what it meant, how or why it had happened or if I was going to die”

Having been healthy all her life, Sophie was terrified and confused when she suddenly began to experience …

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Rebecca’s story: “Liver disease won’t stop me achieving what I want to achieve”

Rebecca was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis two years ago and stays as fit as active as she …

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Jessica’s story: “Jess thought her liver would regenerate and never thought in a million years that she would die aged just 26”

“Jess was a beautiful girl and had everything going for her. She had all these plans, she’d …

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Anninder’s story: “I have Autoimmune Hepatitis and I now know the warning signs”

I feel there is a lot of stigma around liver conditions and the assumption that they must …

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Lucy’s story: “Without my GP making sure my Autoimmune Hepatitis diagnosis was found at the age of 19 I may not have made it this far”

Lucy feels very strongly about early diagnosis of liver disease and being persistent even when she was …

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Robyn’s story: “There are more causes of liver disease than just alcohol misuse”

My name is Robyn and I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis in April 2021. By the beginning …

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Kim’s story: “There’s light at the end of the tunnel.”


When she was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), Kim assumed the worst. Now she’s enjoying life again, …

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Sally’s story: “There’s a lack of awareness of liver disease compared to cancer.”


Sally has autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and is also a Trustee at the British Liver Trust. Here she …

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