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Sally’s story: “There’s a lack of awareness of liver disease compared to cancer.”


Sally has autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and is also a Trustee at the British Liver Trust. Here she …

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Jane’s story: “I’ve got my life back again.”


Jane, from Cardiff, was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and cirrhosis, and went on to have a …

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Sue’s story: “My doctor told me that I definitely didn’t have AIH”


Sue’s autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) diagnosis took six months, and she was mistakenly told she didn’t have the …

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Indre’s story: “I hoped my ascites was ‘lockdown weight'”


Indre had a liver transplant in March 2021. She blogs about her liver health story and has …

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Declan’s story: “I’d never heard of AIH before.”


The British Liver Trust’s virtual support groups have been useful to me. In September 2020, I was …

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Rosie’s story: “I think you can feel more isolated and lonely in a city than we do here on our island.”


Rosie has autoimmune hepatitis and lives on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. She describes her experience …

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Clare’s story: “The doctor thought it was all in my mind”


Clare had a very long journey before she was finally diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis. She is kindly …

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Heidi’s story: “I feel very lucky to be alive”


Heidi is supporting the Sound the Alarm campaign for earlier diagnosis of liver disease. She shares her …

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Danielle’s story: “If I’d had better care right from the start, the liver damage might not have progressed so far”


Danielle, from Glasgow, has auto-immune hepatitis (AIH). She’s supporting our campaign to sound the alarm on liver …

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Geraldine’s story: My sister donated part of her liver to me

Twin sisters

I would do it all again for the chance of life and seeing my son and daughter …

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