Improving early diagnosis of liver disease

Sound the Alarm on Liver Disease – Demanding faster and earlier diagnosis

 Three quarters of people with liver disease are diagnosed at a late stage when it is often too late for treatment or intervention. There are now 50% more liver transplants than ten years ago – but not everyone is lucky enough to receive a transplant. A quarter of people who are diagnosed late in hospital die within 60 days.

These shocking statistics have to change – that is why the first phase of our Sound the Alarm Campaign is focussing on improving early detection and diagnosing people when they still have time to halt or reverse the liver disease damage.

Finding liver disease earlier will need GPs and primary care nurses to proactively look for it in their patients. To do this, they need clear guidelines and an easy to implement pathway to refer people for the right tests and treatment.

As part of Sound the Alarm, we have launched our ‘Make early diagnosis routine’ project so that we can influence primary care commissioning across the whole UK.