Our Strategy – Towards a World Without Liver Disease - British Liver Trust

Vision, Mission and Values


A world without liver disease


Transforming liver health through increased awareness, prevention, improved care and support


  1. To provide information and support to everyone affected by liver disease including liver cancer
  2. To increase awareness of liver disease and liver cancer to a wider audience
  3. To campaign for earlier detection and better treatment of all types of liver disease
  4. To work in partnership to drive up standards of care and encourage more research
  5. To grow the number of people who are engaged with us and drive up income
  6. To work effectively by having a clear mission, a motivated workforce and first class office processes.


Aspiration – We think big about our impact and take managed risks to deliver our goals

Pioneering – We lead the way, build consensus and work in partnership to promote the best possible liver health

Empathy – We are compassionate and caring, showing respect and understanding to both those we support and one another

Integrity – We bring trust, honesty, and pride to everything we do

Equality – We work to remove inequality from our organisation and to reduce health inequalities for those we serve

Motivational Leadership – We are motivational leaders, nurturing collaboration, individual development and wellbeing

Our Strategy

Our vision is a World Without Liver Disease and our strategy for 2021 to 2024,  identifies six key areas of progress where we can start making that vision a reality.

  • Support everyone affected by liver disease and liver cancer
  • Improve early detection so more people are diagnosed at a stage when the damage can be reversed
  • Drive up standards of care and improve outcomes for people affected by liver disease
  • Increase awareness and improve people’s understanding of liver disease and liver cancer and reduce stigma
  • Campaign for policy changes that make it easy for everyone to be healthier
  • Work in partnership to support research and ensure patients are part of the conversation

We can change the future of liver disease and liver cancer. But we can't do it alone.

Stand with us. The louder our voice, the bigger our influence. Sign up for our newsletter, follow us on social media, join our patient forum.

Join our communities
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More people need to know about liver disease and the British Liver Trust. Tell your story, share our materials, put up posters, hold an event.

Raise awareness

To make our vision a reality, we need to grow our income. Every gift helps, no matter the size. A monthly donation helps us plan for the future.


Download our 2021 – 2024 strategy and find out how we are working Towards a World Without Liver Disease

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