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Rebecca’s story: “Liver disease won’t stop me achieving what I want to achieve”

Rebecca was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis two years ago and stays as fit as active as she …

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Alan’s story: “I felt like I was being judged all the time. It made me feel small and dirty. How dare they?”

When Alan was told he had just eight months to live if he didn’t stop drinking, he …

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Samantha’s story: “The GP suggested I was a secret drinker and I still feel very hurt about the stigma I experienced. It will never leave me”

Samantha was deeply upset by the stigma she faced from some members of the medical profession. When …

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Tony’s story: “Don’t judge a book by its cover – there’s a story in there somewhere”

When Tony was diagnosed with alcohol-related liver disease, he pushed his family away and his work colleagues …

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Isobel’s story: “I want everyone to understand there are hundreds of causes of liver disease”

From the time she went for a liver biopsy, Isobel has faced stigma relating to liver disease. …

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Steve’s story: “My friends abandoned me because of my liver disease”

Steve’s friends dropped him when he had alcohol-related liver disease, including one he’d known for 25 years. …

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