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Chris’ story: “Amazingly, my liver has gradually repaired itself.”

After he was diagnosed with alcohol-related liver disease, Chris stopped drinking and smoking and started living a …

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Debbie’s story: “My donor’s wife has been so supportive of my journey.”


Debbie had alcohol-related liver disease and a liver transplant in 2019. She wants to share her moving …

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Tammy’s story: “Your life is the best gift you will ever be given. Please protect your liver.”


Tammy was diagnosed with alcohol-related liver disease and cirrhosis in July 2020. Thank you for sharing your …

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Ian’s story: “I’m not one for giving up despite the difficulties I face.”


Ian was diagnosed with cirrhosis and kidney cancer in 2019, twenty years after he stopped drinking alcohol.  …

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Lindsay’s story: “I never monitored my alcohol intake beyond ‘hangover’ or ‘no hangover’”


As a busy professional who travelled frequently, Lindsay’s overall health suffered until liver disease eventually turned her …

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Matt’s story: “It all happened so quickly.”

Matt is supporting the Sound the Alarm campaign for earlier diagnosis of liver disease. He explains why …

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Craig’s story: “It’s hard to compare the recovery process when you live alone to having a partner there for you”

Craig had a liver transplant after being diagnosed with alcohol-related liver disease. He shares his thoughts about …

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John’s story: “It was clear to us all that I had a serious problem”


John had several false starts while he was waiting for a liver transplant and ended up staying …

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Teresa’s story: “There were no symptoms, so I didn’t take heed.”

Alcohol played a big part in Teresa’s social life for many years. She shares her story of …

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How volunteering with the British Liver Trust has helped me

Before I was ill I knew very little about the liver and how important it is 500+ …

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