Liver disease information in other languages

As a relatively small charity the British Liver Trust does not have the funding to translate all of our materials.

We have a selection of Welsh language resources available to download here.

We have information on hepatitis B in the following languages:

Hepatitis B - Urdu

Hepatitis B - Punjabi

You can also translate the information on the British Liver Trust website using an online translator. Although online translators can accurately translate individual words and phrases, they may not always be able to interpret the meaning of larger or more complex pieces of information.

Up to date information regarding the latest treatments should be provided by your own medical team. You should be able to access NHS services in a way that ensures your language and communication requirements do not prevent you from receiving the same quality of healthcare as others.

NHS guidelines state that interpretation and translation should be provided free at the point of delivery, be of a high quality, accessible and responsive to a patient’s linguistic needs.

Patients should not be asked to pay for interpreting services or to provide their own interpreter so please ask for help at your surgery or hospital.