Our work in Wales

Premature deaths from chronic liver disease in Wales have more than doubled in the last 20 years. While there have been improvements in mortality from most other chronic disorders, such as stroke, heart disease, and many cancers, the number of deaths from liver disease has increased by more than 400% in people aged under 65.

For past three years, the British Liver Trust's work in Wales has focussed on supporting the delivery of the Welsh Government’s ‘Together for Health: Liver Disease Delivery plan 2015 – 2020’, which aims to improve activity and health outcomes across six key areas:

  1. Preventing liver disease and promoting liver health
  2. Timely detection of liver disease
  3. Fast and effective care for those diagnosed with liver disease
  4. Living with liver disease
  5. Improving information on all liver conditions
  6. Research into liver disease.

Whilst there has been great progress for patients with liver disease in Wales, there is still a lot of work ahead. The British Liver Trust team in Wales focus our efforts on supporting patients using localised knowledge and relationships, including working with NHS management teams and health and wellbeing networks in every county.

We are the voice of patients, their families and carers and will continually lobby for improved outcomes for liver health.