Maggie’s story

I was born with biliary atresia. Doctors knew I had a bowel problem and they found out from that because I began to get worse and started turning yellow. I have been brought up with 5 older brothers and my mum and dad but my dad passed away when I was 8. My dad gave me a blood transfusion when I was a baby and he was always there with me at hospital. My mum was really ill when she had me so she stayed at home and got better so my dad did the main jobs but when I was growing up mum gave me all my medication when needed. My brothers looked after me growing up. My parents are so happy with my treatment and so am I.

I don’t let it affect my life because I have high spirits; I just want to be like everyone else and I don’t want to say I can’t do things because of my liver. I feel like I could be born with worse problems and there are people with worse problems than me. I am just grateful I have made it up to 19 without a transplant. I am happy that I have been taken off my medication now and only have to see my liver doctor once a year. I think more people should know about liver conditions like mine and more should be done to tell people about alcohol and drugs and the dangers to the liver.

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