Jane’s story: “I’ve got my life back again.”

Jane, from Cardiff, was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and cirrhosis, and went on to have a liver transplant in 2017. She explains how she felt about her diagnosis, her transplant and how the British Liver Trust helped her.

Jane says: "When I was told I had autoimmune hepatitis and cirrhosis I thought I wasn't going to go on much longer. That's how ill I felt. I'd ask my consultant questions about what would happen if I needed a transplant. One day he replied, 'Jane, it's not if you have a transplant, it's when you have a transplant'.

"Having a transplant's quite emotional though because someone's got to die for you to live. That's quite hard to deal with. But it gives me hope for the future. It's going to let me see my children get married and meet my grandchildren if I ever have any. I've got my life back again."

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