Our Love Your Liver roadshows

The British Liver Trust Love Your Liver campaign aims to raise public awareness of liver health risk factors, in order to prevent liver disease and improved early detection.

Love Your Liver encourages adults to take three simple steps to good liver health – reduce alcohol consumption, improve diet and exercise and reduce the risk of contracting viral hepatitis.

Our specially equipped mobile scanning unit tours the country, raising awareness, providing information and advice and offering free screening and scanning to check for potential liver damage.


On arrival, participants complete the British Liver Trust health screener, which asks a series of lifestyle questions. The answers to these questions generate a risk profile, and anyone with a medium or high risk will be offered a FibroScan check.
The FibroScan is a quick, simple, non-invasive test that measures the stiffness of the liver. Healthy livers are soft and elastic, but as fat or scarring builds up then the liver becomes harder.
If the scan indicates possible liver damage, participants will be given an advice letter to take to their GP and arrange for follow-up tests.

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