Recovering from hepatitis E

Once you have got rid of the hepatitis E virus you should be able to recover and get back to normal over time.

If your immune system is working normally then you will have long lasting antibodies in your blood. These should stop you getting hepatitis E again. But it is still possible for you to get other types of viral hepatitis. So you should still take action to reduce your risk. 

If you are immunosuppressed then you might not have made antibodies. So there is a small risk of picking up the virus again. Find out more about how to prevent this here.

Hepatitis E causes inflammation of your liver. Once the virus is gone this inflammation will stop. But if you had a severe case, it could have caused some damage to your liver.

Your liver has an amazing ability to repair itself. So as long as the damage was not too severe, it will be able to repair it. This can take several months. And you might feel very tired while your liver works hard to recover.

You can find out more about other ways to help your liver recover on this page. And also how you can find support through The British Liver Trust.

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