Caroli disease

(say ca-ROLE-ee)

Also called: Type V (5) choledochal cysts, Caroli syndrome, Caroli’s disease. Congenital communicating cavernous ectasia of the biliary tree.

Caroli disease causes swellings in the bile ducts inside your liver.

It is part of a group of conditions called “fibrocystic liver conditions” . You can have more than one of these conditions. People with Caroli disease often also have a condition called congenital hepatic fibrosis. If you have both of these things, you might hear it called Caroli syndrome.

Caroli disease starts before you are born. But most people do not get symptoms until they are young adults. Most cases are diagnosed in people under 30.

Caroli disease can sometimes be treated with medicines to help with symptoms. But the only way to cure the condition is with surgery.

Caroli disease can increase your risk of bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma). You can find out more about bile duct cancer here.


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