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Liver haemangioma

  • Liver haemangiomas are very common.
  • They are like a strawberry birthmark
  • They usually cause no problems.
  • You only need treatment if the haemangioma causes symptoms.
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Focal nodule hyperplasia

  • Focal nodule hyperplasia is a common type of benign tumour.
  • It is not a type of cancer and very rarely causes any problems.
  • It is more common in women and in people with some other medical conditions.
  • It is very rare to need any treatment for focal nodule hyperplasia.
  • The safest option is usually to just leave it alone.
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Hepatocellular adenoma

  • Very rare.
  • More common in women.
  • Usually harmless.
  • Can sometimes cause severe bleeding.
  • In rare cases it can change to become cancer.
  • Men and women tend to have different types.
  • The treatment for men is usually surgery.
  • The treatment for women depends on the size of the tumour.


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Support for you

It can be worrying to be told that you have a tumour in your liver. Even if it is benign and unlikely to cause any problems.

We offer a range of support for everyone living with a liver condition. This includes information, an online forum and support groups. You can also call out helpline and talk to one of our specialist liver nurses.

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Special thanks

All our publications are reviewed by medical experts and people living with liver disease.

We would like to thank:

All the patients who have shared their experiences and helped to review our benign liver tumour pages. Including Joanne Collins and Maneek Randhawa Harrhy.

The medical professionals who helped with this work. Including our clinical reviewer, Dr Abid Suddle, King’s College hospital NHS foundation trust

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