Find out more about liver disease and liver cancer through our community talks

Posted on: 2nd June 2023

How much do you know about your liver? Or how you can better look after it? Find out more about liver health and disease, as well as the work of the British Liver Trust, through our online or in-person talks.

The talks are led by our Outreach Team and are available to everyone, including businesses, clinicians, community groups and social prescribers and are carefully tailored to fit the intended audience.

Among the subjects discussed are:

  • General liver health awareness, including the liver’s function in the body
  • Preventable liver disease and who is at risk
  • The causes and stages of liver disease
  • How to keep your liver healthy – or love it back to health

The talk also provides information about the work of the British Liver Trust – including Liver Cancer UK – our campaigns such as Sound the Alarm and Love Your Liver, policy work, our online liver health screener, and patient services – such as the Nurse-led helpline and support groups.

Contact us to find out more and book a talk