International NASH day

Thursday 9th June is International NASH day. A day to raise awareness of non-alcohol related fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and its more advanced form, non-alcohol related steatohepatitis (NASH), which affect more than 115 million people around the world.

What is NASH?

NAFLD and NASH are caused by fat building up in your liver. This fat irritates and damages your liver, which can lead to scarring. The main treatment for NAFLD is eating healthily, being physically active, and staying at a healthy weight. These all reduce the amount of fat in your liver, which can slow down, stop and even reverse NAFLD and NASH.

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We have lots of information to help you understand NAFLD and NASH. From questions to ask your doctor to tips for getting more active, we’re here for you. You can download our free publications:

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Three quarters of people with liver disease are diagnosed at a stage when it is often too late for treatment or intervention. Finding liver disease earlier will need GPs and primary care nurses to proactively look for it in their patients.

To do this, they need clear guidelines and an easy to implement pathway to refer people for the right tests and treatment. We’re now calling on MPs to help us make sure that pathways are put in place where they are lacking, and are properly implemented where they are in place.

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Novo Nordisk has provided financial support to the British Liver Trust to assist with the marketing campaign for International NASH Day on 9 June 2022. Novo Nordisk has had no input into the content of the campaign materials or the campaign communications.