Hepatocellular adenoma

Also called HCA or hepatic adenoma

Hepatocellular adenoma is a rare type of benign liver tumour. It is not a type of cancer and is usually harmless.

Most people will have just one hepatocellular adenoma. They can be less than 1cm in size or up to 30cm.

Hepatocellular adenomas bigger than 5cm can sometimes cause severe bleeding (haemorrhage). Severe bleeding needs urgent hospital treatment.

Hepatocellular adenoma can be divided into four types. Your doctor will be able to tell you more about the type that you have. For one of these types there is a higher risk of the tumour changing to become a type of cancer. You might hear this called “malignant transformation”. This type of hepatocellular adenoma is rare. But it is more common in men. So the treatment for hepatic adenoma is often different for men and women.

Other types of benign liver tumour are much more common. You can find information here .


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