Biliary cystadenoma

Also called mucinous cystic neoplasms of the liver, liver MCNs, biliary cystadenocarcinoma, complex cysts

What is biliary cystadenoma?

Biliary cystadenoma is a very rare condition where a large cyst forms in your liver. It is much more common in women than in men.

Liver cysts are often found by accident when you have a scan for something else. But most of these are a different type of cysts called a simple cyst. You can find out more about simple cysts here.

Biliary cystadenomas are different to simple cysts. They are much rarer. And can look different on a scan. But sometimes doctors can only be sure which type of cyst you have after you have an operation to treat it.

Biliary cystadenoma can sometimes cause cancer. So you could need to have an operation on your liver to prevent this. The risk of cancer is usually low. But it is different for everyone. You should discuss your individual risk with your consultant.

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