Get involved – researchers

The British Liver Trust welcomes, supports and encourages research work into all areas of liver disease and liver cancer.

Research is an essential part of the fight against liver disease, finding new ways to improve patient care and patient outcomes.

We have been making research awards since we were first established and we are committed to continuing to fund research to:

  • improve or find new methods for the prevention, early detection and screening for all types of liver disease
  • improve or find new treatments for liver disease to benefit patients
  • identify and address areas of unmet medical and research needs in liver disease
  • advance fundamental knowledge within hepatology

Patient Involvement in Research (PPI)

We are sometimes able to support requests for patient engagement or involvement (PPI) in research. These requests vary and include:

  • asking patients to attend a focus group
  • disseminating a survey being involved in the governance of a research project checking research materials aimed at patients
  • advertising for patients to take part in clinical trials providing advice and information in support of a research study, right through to publicising the results.

In recognition of the time and resource taken to process and implement these requests, we incorporate best practice recommendations from other charities and from the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and make a small charge for some of these services. Please do get in touch if you require our pack regarding public/patient involvement in your study by emailing

Wherever possible, we suggest contacting us at the earliest possible opportunity so that the relevant costs can be included in your grant applications.