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Living with a liver condition

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

Confirm your organ donation decision on the NHS website

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Bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma)

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Love Your Liver - How a healthy weight and diet can improve your liver health - British Liver Trust

Five facts about the liver

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Deaths from hepatitis C cases drop to lowest level in 10 years

Love Your Liver Month – Alcohol and the Liver

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Love Your Liver Awareness Month

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Honour loved ones with our wildflower festive tree decorations

Support our campaign to urge the Government to keep its promise to rollout liver scanning services

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Vote for Lisa Woodcock to be the Game Changer Woman of the Year 2023! | Lorraine (

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Enter/nominate The BJN’s Gastrointestinal Nurse of the Year award

Looking after your mental health

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Liver Cancer Awareness Month

Liver Cancer Awareness Month coffee mornings

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Autoimmune hepatitis

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Nurse-led helpline

British Liver Trust partners with ITN Business to understand the importance of ‘Good Liver Health’ - British Liver Trust

Alcohol and liver disease

National Institute for Health and Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends scans for assessing liver damage in primary care

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Weight, diet, physical activity and liver disease

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Find out more about liver disease and liver cancer through our community talks

Skydive for the British Liver Trust

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Leg it for Liver

Travel Insurance

Apply for a 2024 London Marathon place

Benign liver tumours and cystic diseases of the liver


Love Your Liver

The British Liver Trust unites with the University of Southampton to deliver Love Your Liver roadshows in coastal towns as part of Liver Champions research project

Administration Officer – 10 month Fixed Term Contract

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Our helpline nurse Gill shares her experience supporting patients with HCC

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Physical activity and exercise - British Liver Trust

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Give As You Live for the British Liver Trust

DHSC announces liver scanning will be made available in 100 Community Diagnostic Centres

Sharan's story: "Our liver isn’t spoken about and to be fair many of us don’t realise how vital our liver is." - British Liver Trust

Thousands call on Government to expand opt-out testing for HIV and Hepatitis

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New Love Your Liver unit launched to reach and support more people at risk of liver disease

NHS Fife leading the way in the early detection of liver disease

One Cancer Voice petition

Liver nurses 'listen for red flags' and are here to help - British Liver Trust

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Bile duct cancer

Drug induced liver injury (DILI)

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Less Survivable Cancers Awareness Day – calling for action to improve early diagnosis

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Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

Love Your Liver

British Liver Trust welcomes announcement from NICE approving hepatocellular carcinoma drug

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Liver Cancer UK

Loredana's story: "Liver disease can sometimes be overwhelming and you go through so many different emotions" - British Liver Trust

Love Your Liver campaign spreads awareness at Milton Park - British Liver Trust

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Liver Cancer Awareness Month

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Gareth's story: "Organ donation really does save lives, it saved mine!" - British Liver Trust

Support for you - British Liver Trust

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Viral Hepatitis

Survey reveals stigma can be a barrier to eliminating viral hepatitis in the UK

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Find out how to love your liver and stay healthy

International NASH day

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Love Your Liver roadshow visits the Holyrood Parliament

Give as you live - raise free donations as you shop

Statement in response to delay in key policies on junk food advertising and promotions - British Liver Trust

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Steve's story: sharing the emotional side of liver disease - British Liver Trust

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