Your voice, our inspiration: insights from 2023 supporter survey

Posted on: 1st August 2023

At the British Liver Trust, our primary focus is on continuously improving the lives of all those living with and at risk of liver disease and liver cancer. In order to do so, it's vital that we inspire and engage all those that support us and use our services.

Earlier this year, over 400 of you took part in our supporter survey, which helped us gain insights into the services you use, your preferred communication channels, and the topics that matter most to youIt also sheds light on the level of value our supporters feel as part of our community.  Thank you.

Armed with this crucial information, we aim to enhance our strategies and better serve our community, bringing us one step closer to fulfilling our vision of a world without liver disease.

Our Services: supporting our beneficiaries

We know that the people who support us are often those who have benefited from our services so we were keen to find out what services you have used.


Three-quarters of you use our website, where you can access a wealth of blogs and news, patient materials, and personal stories related to liver health. We are dedicated to continuously improving our website to provide you with an exceptional user experience, whether you are someone looking to access support and information or are finding ways to support us.


The survey revealed that 24% of you have sought support and guidance through our helpline. We understand the importance of personalised and trusted assistance, and our dedicated nurse team is here to provide the help you need. Whether it's answering questions, signposting to resources, or lending a listening ear, we are committed to supporting you through every stage of your patient journey.


We are thrilled that 35% of respondents have benefitted from our publications. These comprehensive guides and factsheets cover various liver-related topics, offering invaluable information and support to our community.

Staying Informed: topics that matter
The survey has helped us better understand the topics that are of utmost importance to our supporters:

Developments in liver disease and cancer research

The survey confirmed that our supporters highly value updates on the latest research findings and breakthroughs in liver disease and liver cancer research. We are committed to keeping you informed about advancements that can impact treatment and outcomes.

Information and advice for patients

It is clear that our supporters appreciate resources and guidance for patients and their caregivers. We will continue to provide comprehensive information, practical advice, and support materials to help you navigate your liver health journey with confidence.

Updates on campaigning work

Our supporters expressed a strong interest in staying updated on our advocacy and campaigning efforts. We will ensure that you receive regular updates on our campaigns, successes, and opportunities to get involved, as we work towards improving treatment, care and services for people with liver disease and liver cancer.

Donations: impact and value

We are grateful for the contributions of our donors and fundraisers, as they directly contribute to life-changing initiatives and make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families affected by liver conditions.

According to the survey results, more than half of donors felt that their donations were having an impact on our work. Your generosity enables us to fund critical research, provide vital support services, and drive positive change in the liver health community.

We also understand the importance of recognising and appreciating our supporters. The survey revealed that an overwhelming 94% of donors felt valued by the charity. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your contributions and assure you that your support makes a huge difference to our cause.

Communication channels: engaging with our supporters


88% of our supporters prefer to receive our communications via emails. We are grateful for your support and if you aren't already, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletters and updates to stay connected and informed.

Post (offline)

1 in 20 people prefer to receive our communications via post.  For those who opt for post, we are happy to accommodate your preferences and ensure you receive our updates in a format that suits you.

Don't receive communications

10% of supporters do not receive our communications and we respect your choice.  However, we encourage you to stay connected through our website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok), where we share valuable resources, updates, and opportunities to engage with our community.

Improvement Areas

In our quest to continuously enhance our impact and engage with our amazing supporters, we've received valuable feedback from the recent supporter survey. As a result of your feedback, here are  some key areas where we plan to make positive improvements:

1. Strengthening impact communication: We already appreciate the power of sharing real-life stories and case studies to showcase the positive outcomes of our work.  For example, we recently shared some stories from people who have benefitted from our nurse-led helpline.  We will continue to expand on more creative formats and channels, including engaging videos, heart-warming quotes, captivating stories, and personalised emails.

2. Data and metrics: To complement our storytelling, we will continue to present quantitative data and statistics to provide solid evidence of the impact achieved through your support. We've seen how metrics, graphs, and charts can effectively illustrate progress and milestones, and we'll make sure these tools remain part of our communication strategy.

3. Research updates: Your enthusiasm for staying updated on the latest research findings has inspired us to take our research communication to new heights. With the launch of the research section on our website, we'll keep you informed about the latest projects and actively share insights from other liver disease research. Additionally, we'll offer researchers a platform to share their perspectives through blogs, fostering a vibrant exchange of knowledge.

4. Advocacy and campaigning: We've heard your strong interest in being part of our advocacy and campaigning efforts. We're excited to continue providing you with regular updates on our campaigns, successes, and opportunities to get involved. Our engaging videos highlighting our policy work will remain a cornerstone of our communication to keep you informed and motivated.

5. Valuing all supporters: Your unwavering support is the heart of our community, and we want to ensure that every supporter feels valued and appreciated. Building on our current efforts, we'll implement even more strategies to celebrate and recognise all supporters, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

6. Healthcare professional recommendations: We are delighted to learn that more people are discovering us through healthcare professionals. To capitalise on this, we are increasing our efforts to ensure that healthcare professionals consider the British Liver Trust as the go-to source of support and information when someone is first diagnosed.  This includes regular newsletters, media outreach and sharing updates with key associations and societies,

7. Utilising HealthUnlocked: We've seen the potential of HealthUnlocked, our online community, as a platform for engagement. To make the most of this opportunity, we'll proactively use HealthUnlocked to keep you updated on our campaigns and activities, creating a vibrant space for interaction and connection.

We are incredibly grateful for your valuable input, and your support fuels our passion to make these enhancements. Our commitment to making a positive impact on liver disease and cancer research remains steadfast,

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