World Obesity Day 2020: The roots of obesity run deep

Posted on: 4th March 2020

Together we can create a healthier future. 

Today we are proud to support World Obesity Day.  The British Liver Trust joins with organizations around the world to push for more comprehensive solutions, treatment, and collective responsibility for addressing this global epidemic.

It’s estimated that a third have early stage non-alcohol related fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

There is an assumption that people who are overweight suffer from a lack of willpower, laziness or refuse to eat less and move more.

But like all chronic diseases, the root causes of obesity run much deeper. They can be genetic, psychological, sociocultural, economic, and environmental.

It's time we break the cycle of shame and blame and re-evaluate our approach for addressing this complex, chronic disease that affects 650 million people worldwide.

Vanessa Hebditch from the British Liver Trust said “Being overweight is a major cause of liver disease and one third of UK adults are now overweight or obese. However, we need to recognise that this is a problem of our environment more than individual willpower and stop stigmatising people. This only hinders their attempts to seek help.

Government and policy makers should also take urgent steps to comprehensively tackle this epidemic by addressing labelling and marketing, and improving education and awareness."

Together, we can address the far reaching personal, societal, and economic impacts of obesity. See how you can be a force for change at