Women now drinking more than men

Posted on: 9th November 2016

A recent study on the drinking habits of men and women born between 1891 and 2001 has revealed that in the last century women have almost overtaken men in their drinking habits and are suffering the resulting health problems.

The British Liver Trust believes clearer labelling on alcohol could help women think again before pouring that extra glass.

Chief Executive of the British Liver Trust, Andrew Langford, said ‘One focus group we did revealed that a lot of women think spirits contain no calories because it’s clear. The fact is alcohol contributes to being overweight because you’re drinking hidden calories. That’s why we’re asking the government for clearer labelling to highlight hidden consumption.’

He adds, ‘Unfortunately this increasing trend of regular ‘after work drinks’ and/or drinking at home is leading to an increase in alcohol-related disease caused by habitual harmful drinking. Anyone who does has concerns about their level of drinking should complete our anonymous liver health screener at www.loveyourliver.org.uk for a quick assessment and information on what to do to improve their liver health.’

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