Will you take on the Leg it for Liver challenge?

Posted on: 30th September 2020

This year many of our wonderful supporters have taken on their own virtual running challenge to raise funds for better liver health. Virtual events have now taken the place of mass participation events, such as the Great North Run and London Marathon.

Yet during lockdown, a survey we did, revealed that 4 out of 10 people in the UK had gained weight, due to an increase in consumption of sugary and processed foods for comfort. The closure of gyms, social distancing and shielding measures also affected our exercise routines.

We all know that alcohol is one major preventable cause of liver disease, but it’s less commonly known that poor diet and a lack of exercise can also cause liver damage.

If left untreated, non-alcohol related fatty liver disease (NAFLD) can sometimes lead to NASH and serious complications for the liver.

During autumn and winter it’s vital to keep moving, so we are encouraging you to continue Legging it for Liver Health with your own virtual challenge.

This October, set yourself a running challenge – choose your own distance, in your own time and own place.

British Liver Trust supporter, Deborah (pictured), is taking part. She was told that unless she changed her lifestyle drastically and quickly, she would need a liver transplant. Her diagnosis came as a shock, but fortunately she made the right lifestyle changes to reverse it:

“I totally changed my eating plan, joined my husband’s running club, did my research on liver disease and started being positive, thinking ‘I can beat this disease!’ And I have. I had my six months check-up and was told my liver was back to its normal size, no scarring and I didn’t need a liver transplant. I had gained so much confidence due to a six stone weight loss but best of all – I beat liver disease!”

You don’t have to do a marathon (or two) like Deborah - it doesn’t matter if this is your first time running or 100th event. Whether your personal goal is 26.2 miles across the month, or 2.6km – feel good about running a distance that’s achievable but challenging for you.

Sign up via this link and receive your free welcome pack, which includes top tips for running and a record card. If you fill and send your record card as proof of completion you will receive your very own Leg it for Liver medal.

Good luck!