Walter Trout talks about being a patron of the Trust

Posted on: 12th October 2016

In a recent interview with the Nottingham Post, just ahead of his new UK tour, Walter Trout talks about what it means to be a patron of the Trust:

"I had never thought about organ donation before I got sick. I knew that it existed and I had heard about it but I never found it on my realm of concern at all. However, I now realise just how important it is and the fact that you can save lives."

"For me to become a Patron of the British Liver Trust was awesome for me."

"I now consider it my mission to spread the word. In some ways I almost feel like that was one of the reasons why I was kept here because by all reasoning I really should be dead. Why I survived what I went through there has got to be some reason, not just to play music or be a dad. I feel that it is because I can go out and spread the word."

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