UK Liver Alliance

The UK Liver Alliance is a coalition of more than 30 organisations who are committed to improving liver health.

The Alliance brings together the liver disease community so that it can work in partnership to prevent the development of liver disease, reduce liver disease mortality and improve the care for people with or at risk of liver disease across the UK. It aims to build on the work previously carried out under the auspices of the Lancet Commission.

Membership is open to patient groups, charities, medical royal colleges, NHS organisations, treatment providers and government departments who are committed to preventing liver disease and improving liver health.

If your organisation would like to join the alliance please email

Alliance aims

The UK Liver Alliance has been set up to prevent the development of liver disease, to reduce liver disease mortality and to improve the care for people with or at risk of liver disease across all 4 nations of the UK by

  • Influencing national policy to improve liver health and supporting the prevention agenda, with other organisations, to develop and deliver public health strategies
  • Improving quality and standards of a patient, family and next of kin, focussed clinical service
  • Generating and evaluating data on burden of liver disease in the UK to provide a robust evidence base
  • Securing an appropriate work force to provide care for people with liver disease
  • Removing inequalities and unwarranted variations in care across UK Nations and regions.

Priority workstreams

The UK Liver Alliance’s priority areas of work are:

This workstream aims to improve the early detection of liver disease through influencing the commissioning of simple clinical pathways that detect significant liver disease at a much earlier stage, allowing for interventions that will lead to better clinical outcomes.

This workstream aims to reduce the variation in secondary care outcomes by looking at service design and supporting the introduction of new ‘Liver Disease Secondary Care Networks’. The initial focus will be producing a set of standards for these networks using evidence-based data and then campaigning so that these are incorporated into policy.  

This workstream aims to identify the optimal workforce that is needed to deliver effective liver disease care (including for example, the provision and number of hepatologists, specialist nurses, allied health care professionals) and to influence workforce planning to ensure universal quality care. 

Patient Focus

Putting the patient at the centre of all three workstreams and ensuring that their voice underpins all activity is central to the work of the UK Liver Alliance. A new UK Liver Patient Groups Alliance will be consulted at key points of activity.