The British Liver Trust unites with the University of Southampton to deliver Love Your Liver roadshows in coastal towns as part of research project

Posted on: 14th April 2023

In partnership with the University of Southampton, we are bringing our Love Your Liver roadshows to the coastal towns of Newcastle, Hull and Newport on 17th, 18th and 20th April respectively. This is part of a wider 'Liver Champions' research project, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), to identify people at risk and find out more about how to better support those with, and at risk of, liver disease.

The Liver Champions research project is building partnerships between healthcare professionals, community organisations, public health professionals and patient and public involvement experts. The aim is to bring together those who are working with, and to listen to the views and experiences of, people at risk of liver disease to understand how they can help. The team is particularly focusing on coastal populations, where there may be high rates of liver disease which are often not represented in research.

Dr Kate Glyn-Owen, public health doctor and Associate Professor of Public Health, says: “To enable us to undertake the best possible research we want to listen to people who have liver disease, are at risk, or who care for or work with people with liver disease. We are very excited to be working with the British Liver Trust and with colleagues in Newcastle and Hull, bringing Love Your Liver roadshows to coastal communities. We are particularly excited to bring a Love Your Liver roadshow to the Isle of Wight for the first time.  We hope people will come along on the day, talk to us about their experiences and have a free liver health check.”

Love Your Liver campaign

The British Liver Trust’s Love Your Liver campaign focuses on three simple steps to Love Your Liver back to health:

1.    Drink within recommended limits and have three consecutive days off alcohol every week

2.    Eat healthily, be physically active and keep to a healthy weight

3.    Know the risk factors for viral hepatitis and get tested or vaccinated if at risk

Pamela Healy, Chief Executive at the British Liver Trust, said: “One in three of us are at risk of liver disease and the numbers of people being diagnosed have been increasing at an alarming rate.  Liver damage develops silently with no signs or symptoms and people often don’t realise they have a problem until it is too late. Although the liver is remarkably resilient, if left until symptoms appear, the damage is often irreversible.

“The Love Your Liver roadshow is a great opportunity for people to find out their risk of liver disease. Approximately 1 in 10 people we scan need to have further checks.”

The roadshow comprises a mobile unit where people can take a free online screening test and find out if they are at risk. Free liver health scanning will also be available using a non-invasive device. There will be expert guidance on how to keep your liver healthy from healthcare professionals who will be on hand to provide advice on diet, exercise and healthy living.

To find out more about our roadshows and where we will be visiting next, go to: Love Your Liver roadshow - British Liver Trust