Awareness survey of liver disease

Posted on: 7th September 2017

The British Liver Trust recently commissioned a survey from market research company ComRes to find out what the perception of liver disease was among adults in the UK.


  • Liver disease is correctly ranked is as the 5th largest cause of death in England and Wales annually among those of working age.
  • The British public are most likely to say they would be concerned about their heart if they were told they had a problem with it - this is in their top 3 greatest concerns.
  • Alcohol is seen as a factor to make you more likely to develop liver disease when asked. This demonstrates there are strong links in people’s minds between alcohol and liver disease.
  • Also when asked to select from a list of options what they think causes or increases the risk of liver diseases, British adults are also most likely to select alcohol.
  • Conversely those who have not spoken to or been tested for liver disease are more likely than those who have to say smoking causes or increases the risk of liver disease.
  • Eight in ten British adults correctly say that it is true that liver disease is one of the top 5 biggest killers in the UK.
  • Just over one in ten British adults say their GP has spoken to or tested them for liver disease.
  • Over 80% of the British public say they have not been affected by liver disease of any sort.
  • Just over one in ten British adults say they have heard of the British Liver Trust when asked.

To see the full survey results click here