Over 19,000 people have joined the British Liver Trust community forum

Posted on: 27th January 2020

Today, we are delighted to announce that we have over 19,000 members and 10,000 posts on the British Liver Trust community forum.

The forum, which is hosted by HealthUnlocked and moderated by our liver nurses, was set up to expand our support and information service to all those affected by a liver condition.

For members, it provides an invaluable source of peer support. They can post questions, share experiences and hear from others on how they or those close to them are managing their condition.

I am using the site HealthUnlocked on a daily basis.  In fact it took me from a dark place where I felt like I was drowning to being able to breathe again and live my life….

British Liver Trust community member

Research has shown that joining an online health community has the potential to help patients become better informed, make better choices and achieve better outcomes.  Many members also say that the forum is the first time that they get to talk to someone else with the same liver condition.

Join the British Liver Trust online liver health community

Please note that the online community is NOT a substitute for professional advice and does not replace your relationship with healthcare professionals. If you have a medical question, we strongly recommend you speak to your doctor or liver specialist; click here for guidance.