Our roadshow raises vital awareness in Northern Ireland and North West England

Posted on: 4th June 2019

In May, our Love Your Liver mobile unit visited locations in Northern Ireland and North West England.

Our specially equipped Love Your Liver mobile scanning stopped at several locations in these regions, raising awareness, providing information and advice and offering free screening and scanning to check for potential liver damage.

On arrival, members of the public completed the British Liver Trust health screener, which asks a series of lifestyle questions. The answers to these questions generate a risk profile, and anyone with a medium or high risk was offered a FibroScan check.

The FibroScan is a quick, simple, non-invasive test that measures the stiffness of the liver. Healthy livers are soft and elastic, but as fat or scarring builds up then the liver becomes harder.

In Northern Ireland, 354 people were screened and 96% of those went on to have a free liver scan.  15% of those scanned were found to have liver damage that requires further investigation and they were given a letter to take to their GP.

In North West England, 505 people took our liver health screener and 97% went on to have a scan.  Alarmingly, over 70 people of those scanned were found to have liver damage.

The most recent roadshows were covered by a number of regional publications including:

Belfast Live

Warrington Guardian

Lancashire Telegraph

Visit our events map for details of the next Love Your Liver events in the schedule.