NHS Blood and Transplant are seeking the views of patients on living donor liver transplantation

Posted on: 24th January 2023

Living donor liver transplantation emerged across the world in the early 1990s in response to the shortfall in available donor organs for patients in need of a liver transplantation. Since 1998, paediatric centres in the UK have been offering living donor transplantation for children on the active waiting list and this has improved their access to liver transplantation. However, adult to adult living donor liver transplantation still only makes up less than 3% of total liver transplants in the UK. The procedure is common in other parts of the world and is now much safer than it used to be. You can read more here.

NHS Blood and transplant are currently considering how they could improve access to living donor liver transplantation and would welcome the views of patients.

Their vision is to ensure that all suitable patients (adults and children) are offered the opportunity to consider living donor liver transplantation as an option and to embed a safe and sustainable service across the UK.

PLEASE NOTE: This survey is now closed