New ‘Eating well for a healthy liver’ factsheet and video

Posted on: 1st January 2021

For Love Your Liver month, we’ve launched a new healthy liver factsheet and video for anyone wishing to improve their liver health and reduce their risk of developing Non-alcohol Related Liver Disease (NAFLD).

You only have one liver and it's important to look after it. It performs hundreds of essential tasks including processing digested food from the intestine, controlling levels of fats, amino acids and glucose in the blood and combating infections.

Our Eating Well for a healthy liver factsheet and video provide top tips to help you make healthier food choices to reduce your risk of developing fatty liver disease. It offers small changes towards a healthy balanced diet, with simple practical tips for everyday life.

You can download the free Eating Well for a healthy liver factsheet provides top tips leaflet here.

We hope you find these resources helpful. If you’d like more information about non-alcohol related fatty liver disease, please visit our NAFLD pages.

If you have been diagnosed with liver disease, always speak to your doctor before making any changes to your diet. They will be able to advise you on the safest way to lose weight and may also refer you to a dietitian to help.