Liver cancer survey for patients, carers and loved ones

Posted on: 7th September 2021
Primary liver cancer is cancer that starts in the liver, rather than cancer that started somewhere else and spread to the liver.  Primary liver cancer is also called hepatoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, or HCC.

The British Liver Trust is conducting a survey to better understand the care that people with liver cancer receive. This will help us to campaign more effectively on your behalf. We will also use the results to raise awareness of liver cancer in October (Liver Cancer Awareness Month). This survey is for people who have been diagnosed with primary liver cancer, their carers and loved ones.

The survey will also inform our policy and parliamentary work. Specifically, we will use the answers to form part of an inquiry an All Party Parliamentary Group is holding into minimally invasive cancer therapies, which we hope will shine a light on the need for greater access to these treatments for patients. The results of this anonymous survey will be shared with politicians to help drive change for patients.

Please do take a few minutes to complete the survey and feel free to share it further. We're grateful for your support.