Liver Cancer Awareness Month begins

Posted on: 1st October 2020

October is Liver Cancer Awareness Month and an opportunity to raise awareness and funds to improve early detection of the disease.

Liver cancer rates have more than doubled in 30 years and every year 6,000 people are diagnosed in the UK.  Sadly, just 12% of people diagnosed with liver cancer will survive for more than five years.

As part of the Less Survivable Cancers Taskforce, we've been calling for focus, prioritisation and investment in order to speed up the detection and diagnosis of the UK’s deadliest cancers.

Vanessa Hebditch, Director of Policy and Communications at the British Liver Trust, says: “Primary liver cancer or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) usually has no signs or symptoms at all in the early stages. 80% of people who develop HCC have underlying liver disease so it is therefore vital that there is good surveillance so that any tumours can be picked up early.

Later this month, we’ll be sharing our new liver cancer patient factsheet, which includes a list of useful questions you can ask your doctor if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

It is vital that we raise awareness to find those at risk to improve early diagnosis. Often there are no signs or symptoms of liver cancer until it's too late for treatment.

You can help by raising awareness in your community or workplace, fundraising and sharing your story.  You can also help us by making a donation. 

Thank you.


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