Life after lockdown – Lou’s story

Posted on: 20th July 2020

Lou, who has Budd-Chiari syndrome, gives us an update on her feelings as the UK gradually emerges from lockdown. You can read about her experiences of life during the lockdown here

"I was shielding for 14 weeks. It was fine most of the time as I had been used to being stuck at home in 2019. I thought 2020 would be a change but it's been more of the same due to shielding.

"As the Government started to slowly change rules for shielders, I got the official letter to say restrictions were starting to lift. I spoke to the doctors and they advised me that they felt it was ok to go out, but to be careful and follow guidance around sanitation and wearing a mask.

"I went out for a walk and to sit in the park. But the most exciting thing for me was getting my haircut, something I took for granted before took on a whole new meaning and become the most important event EVER!

"I went out for a few walks and then decided to go into Reading with my daughter, but neither of us felt safe and so we didn't stay for very long.

"I still feel safer at home and do worry that people don't follow the rules like wearing masks in shops and distancing. And I felt the changes were all happening so quickly. I did go out for lunch in mid-July. We sat outside and the tables were spaced well apart. That felt quite normal.

"The last month I've seen the impact it's had on my kids, who don't want to have lots of people around even though they can have a few friends in the garden. My son doesn't even want to go to University early to be with his mates as he doesn't want to go up and run the risk of bringing the virus back.

"Overall I've realised I am still not comfortable going out all the time - I'm happy at home - but I do feel able to go out a bit more and get back to being slightly more normal."