Phil’s story: “The liver screener has been invaluable.”

Phil came to a Love Your Liver roadshow in 2019. He explains what it was like taking the liver screener.

“I came across the Love Your Liver roadshow by chance when I was walking through Warrington town centre. Around that time I had been drinking a bit more alcohol than usual and I wondered whether it could have had an impact on my liver.

“As part of the screener I answered a health questionnaire and then a liver nurse scanned my liver using a Fibroscan machine. It’s completely painless and a bit like having an ultrasound. Luckily my liver scan results were within normal ranges and that made me feel a lot better.

“The British Liver Trust told me how drinking within the recommended weekly limits and eating a healthier diet can help to keep your liver healthy. A year later and I’m drinking less alcohol and eating healthier food. If I hadn’t stopped at the roadshow that might not have been the case.”

“For me, the liver screener has been invaluable.”

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