Jimmy’s story: “No reason for my cirrhosis has ever been diagnosed”

Jimmy (pictured on the right) was diagnosed with cirrhosis in 2015 but no cause was found. Thank you for sharing your story, Jimmy.

"I have always been above average in fitness table, solely due to my love of individual sports. I spent many years surfing and wind surfing at quite a high standard. I live in Cornwall but also surfed in various other countries. The water quality sometimes somewhat dubious in 1960s /70s. My late wife always thought that to be the cause of my cirrhosis.

"I then got addicted to sailing and skiing, and had a home near Chamonix France, so spent 20yrs plus every winter skiing, summer sailing  in Brittany or Western approaches on my boat, together with my wife.

"Around 2015 I started to suffer from energy loss and after many visits to my UK surgery my doctor sent me for a colonoscopy, which diagnosed a very early bowel cancer, a subsequent scan showed a further liver problem, later diagnosed as cirrhosis.

"I have never so far as can be ascertained, suffered from any illness that might have caused this, no jaundice etc., nor have I ever been more than a very occasional user of alcohol, mainly as it seemed not to suit me and I suffered from after effects even after a small amount, however I do suspect liver may have be a long term problem.

"No reason has ever been diagnosed, in spite of intensive investigations, as to what has caused or is still causing my cirrhosis.

"I am now 83 am am still able to carry on quite an active life. I do however find my energy levels are still going down. It may be my age, but I'm of the opinion that the main culprit is the cirrhosis."

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