Jane’s story

I was 20 years old and living a normal life. My partner and I had set our wedding date for Sept 1989. I became ill with weight loss, jaundice, pale stools and dark urine. I had lost my appetite and felt sick all the time. I became swollen - I take a size 4 shoe and was so swollen I had to wear size 8 shoes. I went to the GP; he said it was a liver infection passing through.

I continued to struggle daily. After another appointment I was put on bed rest. I was at home watching TV lying in bed and my vision went, I was so scared, my mum called the GP who came and an ambulance was called and I was taken to hospital; this is where I have had to rely on my mum and dad because I don't remember anything else.

Overnight my parents were told I was being transferred to the QE Hospital Birmingham, apparently my liver had failed and my only hope was a transplant. At this point I was on the brink of a coma, my transplant took place a few days later and I was told about it when I woke up, some people in the hospital were not so lucky. My recovery was long and had complications. I married my partner on the planned date and we had a son in 1992. I changed as a person, I had been given the gift of life and have had 26 years I did not think I would have.

Doctors do not know why my liver failed in the first place – my liver now has cirrhosis again and part of me knows I am back where I was but I will fight and pray I am lucky again. I am facing transplant no 2.

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