Gordon Brown’s Story

In January 2011 I went to the doctors with a chest infection whilst chatting to her I mentioned that I had lost a lot of weight. I was then asked to go for a blood test and chest x-ray. When the results came back my GP was concerned about my blood test results.

I was referred to the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham. After a few tests it was discoverd that I had P.B.C. ( Primary Bilary Cirrhosis). Over the course of time it got worse and I was told a liver transplant was the planned course of action. On June the 15th 2013 I had a liver transplant. The transplant team were wonderful.

At this time of writing this I have to say THANKYOU to the donors family that is from my heart, it was a brave and wonderful thing you have done. I now feel good and will improve with time.

It is with great sadness that the British Liver Trust has learnt that Gordon sadly passed away in October 2017. We would like to pass on our condolences to his family. Gordon was a valued supporter of the Trust and an active and much loved participant on our online forum. He will be sadly missed.

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