Beth’s story: “I needed to know the truth of what I was doing to my liver.”

Beth, who runs a community group in Preston, came to the Love Your Liver roadshow in 2019.

She says: "To be truthful, I wasn't sure what state my liver would be in. It has always concerned me as I have often used alcohol to relieve stress throughout my life.

"I was nervous going in for the screener when I saw the roadshow but knew that I needed to know the truth of what I was doing to my liver.

"Young and old alike, everyone who drinks alcohol could benefit from a test as sometimes we do forget to drink responsibly and liver disease is the last thing on your mind.

"It does take guts to have a liver scan and it was good to know the result. It gave me a chance to reflect and take some steps in my life to be stronger willed in making healthier choices, such as drinking less alcohol and exercising more."

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