Tests for viral hepatitis

Lots of people will have tests for viral hepatitis. This might be because you could have one of the conditions. Or you might be having tests for other liver conditions and have tests for viral hepatitis just to rule it out.

The tests are usually blood tests. You might have more than one test. But they can often be done with the same samples. In some cases you might be able to have a rapid test, where you get the results in a few hours.

If you have been diagnosed with viral hepatitis you might have other tests to find out more. Or to check how you are getting on. You can find out more about these tests on the page for that type of viral hepatitis.

This page will give you basic information on the different types of tests for viral hepatitis. You might not have all these tests.

You can find out more detail about the tests for each type of viral hepatitis on its condition page.

If you live in England and you may be at risk from hepatitis C you can get a free home test kit. Find out more here.


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