Online giving hints and tips

Setting up an online page is simple and makes it easy to let friends, family and colleagues know what you are doing – and it’s a secure and easy way for people to donate and help raise vital funds for the British Liver Trust.

Set up your page today here: British Liver Trust - JustGiving

Top tips to help you get the most out of your page

Tell your story
To help people understand why you’re passionate about raising money for us, this is your chance to connect with your donors; people will donate more if they know the reason why you’re fundraising.

Tell our story
Shout out to your friends and family about the work we do to reach and support thousands affected by, and at risk of, liver disease and cancer. Show them how their donations could help:

£5 could help us to keep our expert-reviewed publications up to date

£10 could help us to answer calls to our patient and family helpline

£20 could help us to run a patient support group

The funds you raise will also help to support our Love Your Liver and other campaigns, so that we can educate the public about liver health and the risk factors, improving early diagnosis.

Add a photo
This will make your page more personal and bring it to life. You could add a photo of you in one of our t-shirts or running vests; and if you are fundraising in memory or in support of a loved one affected by a liver condition, you could add a photo of the two of you together.

Add a target
Pages with targets raise much more than those that don’t. Be brave and let everyone know you’re aiming high.

If you have not had a donation yet, why not sponsor yourself first and the rest will follow!

Social media
Share the link to your page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also blog about any training or events you’re doing.

If you’re using Strava, you can link this with your fundraising page to keep friends and family up to date with your challenge. Other fitness tracking apps are available and you can take screen shots of these instead.

Don’t forget to tag us (@livertrust on Twitter) so we can share your efforts!

Your friends are more likely to sponsor you when they see the hard work you’re putting in. Make sure you thank everyone who sponsors you on social media too, and ask them to share; friends of friends might support you too.

Encourage Gift Aid

Gift Aid is worth over £40,000 a year to the British Liver Trust. Please encourage friends and family to Gift Aid their donation if they are a UK taxpayer, it doesn’t cost them any extra. For every £1 they donate, the British Liver Trust receives an extra 25p!

The final push
Some people will sponsor you after your event is over so remember to share your success with everyone afterwards – it might even take you over your target!

To talk to us about your plans and discuss ideas, please call us on 01425 481320 or email – we are here to help.