Perk up your liver with a coffee break!

Whilst restrictions are in place in many parts of the country it can be hard to plan organised events. Check in your local area to see what level it is and please check and abide by government restrictions on social distancing and cleanliness before planning any physical events

Holding a ‘virtual’ event (via Skype, WhatsApp Video, Zoom etc.) might just be the thing we all need to stay connected whilst at home instead, and will be much safer at this time. Thank you.

Research shows moderate coffee drinking could reduce the chances of developing preventable liver damage.

How often do you feel better and ‘perk up’ after a quick Coffee Break with friends or colleagues?

You can get together virtually (or socially distanced) with colleagues, family or friends, just like Ellie, Loren and Denise below.

Check out our Coffee Break resources to the side. And alongside your coffee, why not try one of the healthy bakes below? Don’t forget to check for any allergies or dietary requirements.