Overseas Treks

Take on the challenge of a lifetime!

You can embrace any kind of challenge on any continent to raise funds for those affected by liver disease. There is something for everyone; all ages and fitness abilities.

Our fundraising team can support you by providing advice, fundraising materials and moral support.

While COVID-19 travel restrictions are in place, do keep an eye on on our overseas challenge partner website and links below for events from 2021 onwards.

Check out our range of treks and challenges chosen by us via our overseas challenge partner:

Charity Travel and Trek

Challenges include:

360° Charity Bike Challenge Around Kilimanjaro – 286km in 5 days - November 2021

Get in the saddle for this great charity challenge bike adventure for what will feel like at times a safari on two wheels. With Kilimanjaro on your right side the whole time, expect to ride across the open African savannah of the Maasai lands, see wild roaming Zebra, Giraffe, Wildebeest and ride into the rainforest of the higher Marangu mountain slopes.

Nepal's Helambu Charity Trek - May 2021

This 5-day low altitude trek in the little trodden Helambu region is perfect, with the optional 3771m summit of Yangri Peak to challenge you. Great for those perhaps short of time and yet are looking for a Himalayan adventure.

Sahara Charity Trek  - September 2021

As experiences go, this has to be one of the best charity challenge experiences there is. A superb 5-day Sahara trekking adventure into the world’s largest desert that never fails to impress. It suits a whole range of abilities in miles of sandy desert, open space, wide-open star-filled skies with no ambient light, and freshly baked bread in sand ovens to die for!

Need a little inspiration to make that all important decision to do something life-changing for charity?

Helen and Rob’s Adventure to Peru!

Helen and Rob Trekked for four days through The Andes up to heights of 4,800metres, before going to Machu Picchu; they raised over £3,000.

That amount of money could fund a day of our awareness-raising roadshow, help us to set up a new support group or publish a new information leaflet to support those affected by liver disease.

“We had a big sense of achievement and relief after finally getting to Machu Picchu after months of hard work fundraising and training.” Helen

So what are you waiting for? If you're interested in any of the challenges listed, have already signed up, or can't find the challenge you're after, get in touch with us today.