Work with Primary Care – resources for practitioners

Resources for General Practitioners

We have produced an online toolkit for those working in primary care. This is a one stop shop providing GPs and practice staff with the information they need to effectively identify those at risk and manage those with liver disease. Contents include guidance on testing; NICE guidance explained; best practice examples, patient pathways, audit templates, FAQs, patient resources, links to relevant articles, latest facts and statistics, and top tips on managing all areas of liver disease.

We will shortly be adding guidance for clinical commissioners to the tool kit.

Key resources include:

Top tips in assessment and management of cirrhosis in over 16’s, supporting the most recent NICE Guideline.

Top tips in assessment and management of non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease, supporting the most recent NICE Guideline.

The Trust has also worked with a multidisciplinary group led by the British Society of Gastroenterology and including the RCGP to develop new guidelines on the management of abnormal liver blood tests. They cover

  1. What constitutes a standard liver blood test panel?
  2. When should liver blood tests be checked?
  3. Does the extent and duration of abnormal liver blood tests determine subsequent investigation?
  4. Response to abnormal liver blood tests.

The full guideline can be accessed here

Recommended Read codes for primary care for both SystmOne and EMIS/Vision users. Read code recommendations are available for:

Liver Investigations

Non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease

Alcohol-related liver disease

Other liver disease diagnoses

Viral hepatitis

Raising Awareness

As part of RCGP/British Liver partnership, our Clinical Champion has written a number of articles and also presented at the RCGP main conference. Some of the articles are below:

Detecting liver disease in primary care: are we ready for change?

How can primary care enhance end-of-life care for liver disease?

Championing change in liver disease in primary care

PBC: In Practice

Guideline of the month: Abnormal LFTs

Love Your Liver materials

The British Liver Trust Love Your Liver campaign aims to raise awareness of the risk factors, prevent liver disease and improve early diagnosis.

Love Your Liver encourages adults to take three simple steps to good liver health – reduce alcohol consumption, improve diet and exercise, and reduce the risk of contracting viral hepatitis.

The British Liver Trust has developed a range of materials covering the risk factors for liver disease and the signs and symptoms of liver disease. They are free to order and include posters and leaflets for display in GP surgeries.








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